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DEFINITIONS: “Customer” means the individual, organization or entity that purchases goods or services from the Personal Tutoring Institute or BetterGradesFast. “PTI” means the “Personal Tutoring Institute.” “Tutorial Session” means/is a period of time during which a student is scheduled to be tutored by PTI. “Student” means the person that partakes in, utilizes or benefits from services offered by PTI or BetterGradesFast and paid for by Customer. “Damage” means destruction, defacing, corruption or alteration in a manner that reduces the value or use of. “Study Cards” means/are record cards produced either by PTI, BetterGradesFast or student that presents the academic content of tutorial sessions in the form of a question on one side, and answer with examples and formulas where applicable on the other side. “Good Academic Standing” – A student in “Good Academic Standing” means/is a PTI or BetterGradesFast student who has maintained/performed/demonstrated all of the following during his/her entire stay at PTI or BetterGradesFast: [1] Completion of all assigned home work, video tutorial on the syllabus topic done during each class, and post-video exercise [2] Parent’s signature on all signature request forms, confirming completion status of required Student assignments, [3] Greater than 95% attendance and punctuality, [4] Student accesses online study notes for the topics done in the last lessons previously done, [5] Student revision of previous week’s tutorial session study material, verified by  passing quizzes on said material, [6] Guardian’s arrival/presence at PTI or BetterGradesFast within fourteen(14) days of PTI request to consult with guardian, [7] Student has all required tutorial session material which includes but is not limited to (a) Required notebooks, textbooks, test/exam question papers, test/exam script, (b) PTI or BetterGradesFast Hard Cover Notebook, PTI or BetterGradesFast Exercise Book, Four(4) pens –black, blue, red, green-, construction pencil, clean eraser (c) Hardcopy of all tutorial notes recommended for each tutorial session, [8] Student notifies PTI orBetterGradesFast Tutor of all upcoming public school tests, quizzes and exams at least one(1) week before the last tutorial session before the test/quiz/exam. The contents of this document presents the complete and only agreement between customer and the PTI and BetterGradesFast; and shall supersede any and all previous communication between customer and PTI, including but not limited to advertising material and verbal communication with staff members of PTI.

GUARANTEES: PTI and BetterGradesFast Guarantees “Better Grades in Three (3) Months, or We’ll Tutor Your Child FREE,” and “Final exam success or we’ll happily refund you,” where “final exam success” means an Secondary Entrance Exam grade that facilitates entry your first choice secondary school, or Caribbean Examination Council exam grade of 1 or 2. This guarantee applies only to guardians of PTI and BetterGradesFast students enrolled in the “PTI Prodigy Program” that are under the age of seventeen (17) years old that are currently enrolled full-time in a public school which is registered with the ministry of education.  This guarantee is applicable only to a student who maintains “Good Academic Standing” at PTI or BetterGradesFast for the entire uninterrupted duration of his/her stay at PTI or BetterGradesFast for at least twelve continuous months with no service interruption for the “Final exam success or we’ll happily refund you” guarantee and at least three continuous months for the“Better Grades in Three (3) Months, or We’ll Tutor Your Child FREE” guarantee.  Free tutoring sessions offered under this guarantee may vary in format and scheduling from regular tutorial sessions; and their duration is decided by PTI or BetterGradesFast. Refunds are issued as service credit or cash/cheque payment after Customer has provided documented proof that good academic standing existed throughout the entire duration of stay at PTI.

REFUND POLICY: Cash refunds and/or refunds in the form of service vouchers or ‘make-up sessions’ may be offered at the discretion of PTI or BetterGradesFast under the following circumstances: [1] Absence of tutor from paid tutorial sessions, [2] Over-booking of tutorial session, [3] Billing errors originating within PTI or BetterGradesFast.  Registration fees are non-refundable.  Refunds are only issued to guardians of students that are paying the full (not discounted) tuition rate, and have paid tuition on or before the due date.  Tuition is due at the 1st of the month of tutorial session(s) that student is present for. Tuition is due for each month of student presence or part thereof.  Refunds are not issued in cases of student absence, or lack of attendance for part of a given month.  In cases of automatic billing online or via bank payments, Customer agrees that the responsibility to cancel payments lies solely with Customer and neither BetterGradesFast nor will be required to refund tuition payments deducted automatically during periods of absence. Refund processing time varies according to individual circumstances, with an average processing time of thirty(30) business days. As required by law, PTI and BetterGradesFast may not oblige its employees to report for work on public holidays; hence there are no tutorial sessions on public holidays.  Refunds are not issued for public holidays.  In the event of extreme weather conditions or acts of God or dangerous events (including Carnival Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday in Trinidad & Tobago) that may pose a danger to students and staff in the opinion of PTI and BetterGradesFast Administration, tutorial sessions may be canceled; and refunds are not issued.

DAMAGE TO PTI PROPERTY POLICY: The guardian whose name and signature appears on this document agrees to accept full financial and other liability to cover any and all damages to property owned by PTI as a result of action or in-action on the part of the guardian or student. In the event that student’s actions or in-actions have resulted in property damage (which includes but is not limited to equipment tampering, writing on tables, paint scraping, affixing chewing gum to surfaces, or deliberate misuse of facilities), guardian agrees to pay the full cost of replacing property with identical or upgraded property in new condition within seven (7) days.

MODEL RELEASE: Customer hereby confers on PTI and BetterGradesFast the absolute and irrevocable right and permission with respect to the photographs that PTI and BetterGradesFast  has taken of his/her child in which he/she may be included with others: a) To copyright the same in PTI and BetterGradesFast  name or any other name that PTI and BetterGradesFast  may select; b) To use, re‐use, publish and re‐publish the same in whole or in part, separately or in conjunction with other photographs, in any medium now or hereafter known, and for any purpose whatsoever, including (but not by way of limitation) illustration, promotion, advertising and trade, and; c) To use the child’s name or Customer name in connection therewith if PTI and BetterGradesFast  so decides. Customer hereby releases and discharges PTI and BetterGradesFast  from all and any claims and demands ensuing from or in connection with the use of the photographs, including any and all claims for libel and invasion of privacy. This authorization and release shall inure to the benefit of the legal representatives, licensees and assigns of PTI and BetterGradesFast  as well as the entities for whom PTI and BetterGradesFast  took the photographs.  Customer asserts to have read the foregoing and have full understanding of the contents hereof.

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS: Customer agrees to receive documentation, notices, policies and other communication by electronic means.  Customer asserts to possessing the means to access such communication via the world wide web.

TUTORIAL SESSION CANCELLATION POLICY: PTI and BetterGradesFast  may cancel or reschedule a given tutorial session.  Such action shall be preceded by notification to the guardian of the student.  A full refund shall be issued in the event that a make-up session or alternative tutorial session date/time is not provided.

SEAT RESERVATION POLICY: Payment of the PTI and BetterGradesFast  Registration Fee does NOT reserve a student’s seat/spot in the tutorial session stated on the receipt.  The student’s guardian must pay tuition in full for the month in order to reserve the student’s seat/spot in any given tutorial session.  At any given time, a student’s seat/spot in a tutorial session is reserved only if tuition for that tutorial session is paid in full within the first seven (7) days of the month.

EXPULSION POLICY: NO REFUNDS will be issued in the event of student expulsion. (a) Outstanding payments: In the event that Student tuition payments are not paid in full by the due date, the Student’s spot in his/her tutorial sessions is subject to automatic reassignment to another student. PTI and BetterGradesFast  reserves the right to refuse future admission of students that PTI and BetterGradesFast considers to have a poor credit/payment history, or for any other reason deemed viable by PTI and BetterGradesFast administration. (b) Classroom conduct: PTI and BetterGradesFast  is not responsible for Student behavior. Poor conduct, rude or offensive activity or behavior deemed dangerous to other students or staff on the part of the Student may lead to expulsion.

EXTENDED ABSENCE POLICY: Guardians of students and adult students are required to notify PTI and BetterGradesFast  Administration in writing (email is acceptable) of extended (greater than one week) student absence.  A student’s seat/spot in a tutorial session may be reassigned to another student in the event that he/she is absent from tutorial sessions for two or more consecutive tutorial sessions.  A student is entitled to four(4) tutorial weeks per month per subject or other wise stated on the official PTI and BetterGradesFast School Calendar. In the event that a student stops attending tutoring sessions for more than twenty-nine(29) days, the student must register again to be admitted upon returning.  A student’s seat in a given tutorial session may not be reserved during his/her absence.

OTHER: PTI and BetterGradesFast may change these terms and conditions without notice. Changes to the conditions of these Terms and Conditions is valid if it is made in writing posted on PTI or BetterGradesFast premises, email or posting on official Personal Tutoring Institute or BetterGradesFast website. Customer agrees to check official PTI and BetterGradesFast website periodically for any policy changes.