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We’ll do the hard work. Consequently, you can relax while we transform your child into an unstoppable force on exam-day. Indeed we will assess your child's strengths and weakness. From time to time your child will be tested on the the SEA lessons and CXC lessons she has done so far. Additionally, we report back to you on the status of your child's SEA lessons and CXC lessons. Basically join our SEA lessons or CXC lessons program and watch your child shine—it’s that simple.

SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons

SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons 1 on 1 in Arima, Trinidad

SEA lessons and CXC lessons at PTI hinges on the fact that we take great pride in our duty to change the world, one mind at a time. In fact, it’s our honor to have helped thousands of students in the Caribbean, USA and UK succeed. Of course, our personalized SEA lessons and CXC lessons align with your child’s local curriculum. What’s more, our highly trained tutors will unlock your child’s true potential. Finally, you can relax. Let’s get started.

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Online SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons by PTI

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Each student enjoys her own Personal Learning Plan. As a result, your child's experience at PTI is individually tailored to her personal needs. For one thing, this ensures that your child gets personalized SEA lessons and CXC lessons that get results.

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You deserve to experience the Only SEA & CXC Exam-prep System created by Examiners, and backed by a Money-Back Guarantee.


View testimonials from parents just like you. What's more, you can discover what hundreds of parents and their kids are saying about PTI®. Our legacy - Satisfied parents and successful students.

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Imran K. – Testimonial

I’d like to thank the PTI Team for pushing our child and supporting him as much as they did. We are extremely proud of his achievement. PTI offers an unconventional approach. We are grateful for the part PTI has played as our son embarks on his new chapter at Naparima College.

Lydia T. – Testimonial

“You have exceeded my expectations. I am thankful that I have found you. I have never seen my child more excited to learn. Even after classes she is hyped. Enrolling my child in your classes was the best decision I made for her. Thank you so much for all that you have done and I look forward to the next five years.”

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Exam Pass Rates

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Our SEA lessons and CXC lessons are customized to match your child's personal Learning Style. To that end, student progress in our SEA lessons and CXC lessons is continuously monitored. Without doubt, year after year, parents joyfully thak us for the transformation they see in their child.

Exam Pass Rates*

93% | SEA 1st choice (2023)
98% | SEA FIRST CHOICE (2022)
97% | SEA FIRST CHOICE (2021)
91% | SEA FIRST CHOICE (2020)
100% | SEA FIRST CHOICE (2019)
86% | SEA FIRST CHOICE (2018)
85% | CXC® CSEC® GRADE 1 (2022)
82% | CXC® CSEC® GRADE 1 (2021)
72% | CXC® CSEC® GRADE 1 (2020)
78% | CXC® CSEC® GRADE 1 (2019)

Customer Satisfaction rating is based on statistical surveys

SEA Lessons & CXC Lessons

You Deserve to Feel Proud

Enjoy straight-A reports with our famously Fun SEA lessons + CXC lessons. Additionally, discover our unique Active Learning System that builds Logic & Reasoning skills. Particularly this is accomplished through engaging games, competitions, group activities, and fun projects.

In-Person 1-on-1 Lessons

In-person SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons 1-on-1 in Arima, Trinidad

Highly effective 1-on-1 SEA lessons and CXC lessons in-person at our learning centers in Trinidad, or live online.

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Online Classes

SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons Live Online with PTI

Live online effective SEA lessons and CXC lessons that cover the SEA + CXC syllabus from start to end.

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Buy SEA Textbooks and CXC Textbooks from 99 cents in Trinidad

Finally, you can enjoy high quality SEA + CXC textbooks at affordable prices.

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Events & Excursions

Events at PTi Arima, Trinidad

Looking for exciting safe family fun? In that case, you'll love our unique roster of family activities, events and day trips.

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About us

Undeniably, Personal Tutoring Institute is the leading supplemental education provider in the Caribbean. In light of this we've helped over 4000 students across the Caribbean, USA and UK achieve exam success. Most compelling evidence includes our highly effective exam preparation tools. Particularly, these include syllabus-aligned video lessons, interactive practice exercises, and study guides. Notwithstanding, PTI Learning Centres provide 1-on-1 tutor support for students. Consequently, the PTI brand is renowned for exceptionally high service quality, and rapid results. Armed with a winning system and over 15 years of experience, we confidently offer you our famous Money-Back Success Guarantee.


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Find us at the Corner St. Joseph Street & Sanchez Street, Arima. Trinidad & Tobago.