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  1. Assessments
    1. Learning Style Assessment
    2. Primary Math Assessment
    3. Primary ELA Assessment
    4. Primary ELA-Writing Assessment
    5. Secondary Math Assessment
    6. Secondary English Language Assessment
  2. Live Online Classroom
  3. Group Classes - Days & Times
  4. 1-on-1 Tutorials
    1. How to book a 1-on-1 Tutorial
    2. How to update a
  5. Homework submission & Instructions
  6. Academic Standing Policy
    1. Attendance
    2. Homework completion requirement
    3. SEA Practice Test completion rate
    4. CXC Past Paper completion rate
  7. Resources:
    1. Guided Video Courses & Quizzes
    2. Study Guides
    3. Progress Reports
  8. Class Cancelation Policy
  9. Public Holiday Policy
  10. Expulsion Policy
  11. Refund Policy
  12. Success Guarantee Terms