How to Understand your Child | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

How to Understand your Child | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Step 1: Talk to your teenager at his/her time.

Let your teenager know that he/she can talk to you about anything when he/she is ready to. Forcing your teenager to tell you everything that is going on in his/her life then and there will only make him/her withdraw. Show your teenager that you trust him/her by allowing him/her to tell you things in his/her own time. Not trusting your teenager only makes him/her not trust you.


Step 2: Make your teenager happy.

Allow your teenager to do things that make him/her happy. Refusing your teenager's every request to do something that makes him/her happy will only make him/her rebel and resort to unsafe behaviour. Do not force your teenager to do things he/she does not want to do. Rather, discuss with your teenager what is right and what is wrong and allow him/her to make his/her own decisions.


Step 3: Show your teenager respect.

With all the pains of growing up, your teenager wants to know that he/she is loved and respected. Talk to your teenager, even when he/she does something you disapprove of, rather than shout at him/her. By talking, you will show not only that you love him/her, but also that he/she is respected.


Step 4: Your teenager wants to make you proud.

Your teenager wants you to be proud of him/her. Praise him/her when he/she does something right and talk to him/her when he/she does not. Thinking that he/she has disappointed you will make your teenager resort to dangerous behaviour. Make sure your teenager knows that you are proud of him/her.