I’m Just Too Busy. Enjoy these Easy Hacks | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Tip #1: You can say "No".

A common problem is taking on too many tasks and responsibilities in favor of others. Some people feel so uncomfortable in declining a request that they end up overburdening their schedule and fail to live up to it, causing stress and disappointment. Learn the true value of saying no, and focus your schedule on the things that matter to you.


Tip #2: Prioritize, and do it clearly.

Some people overburden their schedules because they add tasks for the wrong reasons. They end up not doing the things that are most important to them. List the things that are important to you and look at how much time you delegate to each of them. If you find yourself spending too much time doing things that do not reflect who you are, change your priorities and schedule accordingly.


Tip #3: Do it in writing.

Sometimes you may overestimate or underestimate the amount of time an activity will take you to complete, causing your schedule to become overrun with tasks. Make sure you keep a carefully written schedule of everything that you do, and do not schedule more tasks until you know exactly how you can fit them in.


Tip #4: Manage your money.

Make sure you know where your money goes, how you spend it and how you can save it. Create a plan for paying your debt, saving your money and earning more without working more.


Tip #5: Organize your home.

While it is important to keep an organized schedule, it is also invaluable to have an organized home. Keeping your home clean and organized will make it easier for you to find things, as well as make it less stressful to find time to relax.


Tip #6: Know yourself.

Know your limits. That way, you will avoid becoming overwhelmed with activities. Do not put yourself in a position that you know you can not handle. Think about what you can and what you can't do, and work from there.