11 Time Management Tips | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

11 Time Management Tips | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Tip #1: Time management is a myth.

On any given day, you will always have only 24 hours to work with. Learn to manage yourself and use the time that you have efficiently and productively.


Tip #2: Recognize what causes you to waste time.

Track your daily activities so that you will be able to identify the ones that waste the most of your time. This will give you an accurate overview of what tasks you actually accomplish during the day.


Tip #3: Set goals.

The real success of time management is in changing your behavior to become more productive. Start by setting a weekly goal in which you minimize the tasks that waste the most of your time.


Tip #4: Create a plan.

Set your goals, but make sure you achieve them by keeping track of your accomplishments. Your objective is to change your behavior in order to improve your productivity or better manage your stress.


Tip #5: Use Digital Assistance.

The most important part of time managing is to know how your time is being spent. Computer programs such as Outlook help you keep track of your time and allow you to schedule future events and tasks.


Tip #6: Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

Start each day by going over your tasks for the day, and deciding on which of those tasks really need to be done. Set a goal as to how many of your tasks you need to accomplish, and prioritize them.


Tip #7: Assign your tasks to others.

In order to make better use of your time, you must assign some of your tasks to others.


Tip #8: Routines will help you.

Although things can pop up, sticking to routines will make you more productive.


Tip #9: Set time limits for your tasks.

Email can take up your entire day, unless you set a time limit for it and stick to that limit.


Tip #10: Organize your files.

Organizing your files in a logical, easily-accessible manner, will save you a lot of time in the long run.


Tip #11: Don't just wait.

Whenever you have to wait for an appointment or meeting, make sure that you have something to do. Take your tasks with you wherever possible, and be productive even while you wait. Your PDA and cell phone will help you along the way.