Top tips to Stop Teen Drug use | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Top tips to Stop Teen Drug use | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Step 1:

Stopping teen drug abuse starts with a good family foundation. Many children do not have anyone to come home to after school. One parent must be home to help the teenager with homework and school studies, supervise his/her behaviour and provide support if the teenager needs someone to talk to.


Step 2:

Openly discuss drug abuse with your teenager as well as the negative consequences of addiction. Ask your teenager's principal about starting an anti-drug campaign at his/her school.


Step 3:

Monitor your teenager's school progress. Check homework daily. If your teenager falls behind in his/her studies, he/she may lose motivation and become depressed. Falling behind in class may cause your teenager to skip school and take up smoking, drinking or even illegal drugs.


Step 4:

Monitor your teenager for signs of depression. He/she may try to use drugs in order to battle depression. Seek help immediately if you find that your teenager is suffering from depression.


Step 5:

Surround your teenager with a support network. This can include sport coaches, counselors or family members. Provide your teenager with someone responsible to talk to about anything, especially if it can not be you.


Step 6:

Teach your teenager how to set goals. Accomplishing goals will build confidence and self esteem. Help your teenager develop his/her strengths. A higher self esteem will make it less likely for your teenager to resort to drugs.


Step 7:

Ensure that your teenager does not have access to prescription drugs around the house. According to a study done by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America Drug Awareness, one in five teenagers has used prescription drugs to "get high".


Step 8:

Look for tell-tale signs. Behavioural changes such as emotional outbursts, increased hostility, non-stop sleeping or lack of sleep hint at the possibility that your teenager might be using drugs. You might also notice your teenager having dilated pupils or bloodshot eyes.


Step 9:

If you suspect your teenager might be on drugs, get him/her tested. Be proactive in your approach to stopping teenage drug abuse.