Know the Signs of Drug Use | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Know the Signs of Drug Use | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

#1: Behaviour.

A teenager who is abusing drugs will not be thinking properly or clearly, and will be responding at a much slower pace than normal.


#2: Eyes.

A drug-abusing teenager has dilated pupils or bloodshot eyes.


#3: Conversation.

Your teenager has most likely already been exposed to drugs at school. Make sure you teach him/her properly about the dangers of different drugs.


#4: Parent, don't dictate.

Simply telling your child what to do or not do will create a communication barrier between the two of you. Guide your teenager and help him/her grow up into a responsible adult.


#5: Grow with your teenager.

Be willing to listen and talk to your teenager. If a teenager feels that he/she cannot talk to his/her parents, they will turn to others, usually friends. Their friends might already be using drugs and thus present a bad influence. Make sure you are always there for your teenager.