How to support a Pregnant Teenager | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

How to support a Pregnant Teenager | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Steps to consider in offering support for your pregnant teenager:


Step 1:

Although you may feel disappointed, frustrated, or even angry upon finding out about your daughter's pregnancy, accept the fact and focus on fostering a good communication with her. Talk with your daughter about her pregnancy - when it may have occurred, her feelings toward her pregnancy and her thoughts about the baby.


Step 2:

It is important that your daughter starts receiving prenatal care as soon as possible. Contact your local pregnancy center for assistance.


Step 3:

Make sure your daughter has a health insurance plan for the course of her pregnancy. Contact your local pregnancy center for options and health insurance companies.


Step 4:

Your daughter should also be enrolled in childbirth classes. It is important that she familiarizes herself with the process of pregnancy, labor and birth.


Step 5:

Make sure you find help if your daughter is experiencing difficulty in coming to terms with her pregnancy. Counselors at pregnancy centers or at her school may be able to assist her.


Step 6:

Speak to your daughter concerning her options after giving birth. Help her find the relevant organizations if she is considering adoption.


Step 7:

Let your daughter know that she is well cared for by offering support for her decisions under any circumstance. Encourage her to talk to you and help her to get to where she wants to be.


Step 8:

Education is important for both your daughter and the baby. Encourage your daughter to finish her schooling, and be prepared to help. She may not be able to attend school every single day due to her mothering obligations.


Step 9:

Your daughter should not be alone after giving birth. Assistance with her mothering duties will need to be provided once the baby arrives.