How to Parent a Pregnant Teen | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

How to Parent a Pregnant Teen | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Step 1

Although you and your teenage daughter will be experiencing many different emotions, it is important for you to put your feelings aside and focus on what is important for your daughter. Talk to her about her options concerning the baby, and help her make the right decisions. If she is considering adoption, support her decision. If she is intending to keep the baby, be sure to familiarize her with the responsibility facing her, and the effects that decision will have on her and her family.


Step 2

Start pre-natal care as soon as possible. The younger your daughter is, the bigger the chances for complications during delivery. When visiting the doctor, your daughter might be feeling shame about her pregnancy. Do not contribute to that shame by finding excuses for her pregnancy in front of the doctor.


Step 3

Help your daughter adapt her lifestyle to her pregnancy. Make sure she eats the right foods, and gets sufficient exercise to ensure proper delivery and a healthy baby. Assist her in quitting smoking, if you suspect that she is a smoker. Rather than talking down on her, be sure to approach her gently and encouragingly. She will be experiencing many hormonal changes soon, and you do not want to give her reasons for emotional tantrums.


Step 4

Sign your daughter for prenatal classes. While these classes will be very helpful for your daughter in preparing her for the birth of her child and life as a mother, do not force her to join. Simply explain to her the benefits of these classes.


Step 5

Rather than emoting over your teenage daughter's pregnancy, try to focus on her feelings. This is a good opportunity for you to bond with your daughter - talk to her, relate to her as a mother and let her know that you love her and are proud of her, despite her pregnancy. This will help her in coming to terms with her pregnancy and her upcoming role as a mother.