Child Internet Safety tips you Need now | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Child Internet Safety tips you Need now | SEA Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Step 1:

Place your home computer where you can monitor what your child does on the Internet. The living room or kitchen might be a good place.


Step 2:

Learn about the security features on your home computer. Use passwords for logging in, and use a personal firewall on your router to protect your personal information. If you require assistance in securing your computer and network, contact a computer technician or your internet service provider.


Step 3:

Teach your child about the dangers of Internet. Make sure your child understands that even the Internet is not always safe. Tell him/her not to trust anyone who is trying to contact him/her over the Internet as they might be child molesters or worse.


Step 4:

Use pop-up blockers. Sometimes new browser windows will pop up to direct to a pornography site or a site with equally unsuitable content for your child. Having pop-up blockers usually prevents this problem, but sometimes pop-ups will still happen. Should that be the case, instruct your child to call you so you can turn off the pop-up.


Step 5:

Install software that monitors internet activity on your computer. It can also limit access to certain websites. That way, you will have better control of what your child is exposed to on the Internet. Ask your computer technician or internet service provider for more information.


Step 6:

Limit the amount of time you expect your child to spend on the computer. If he/she only has an hour to use the Internet, he/she will most likely use it for school work only.


Step 7:

Supervise your child when he/she is signing up for social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace. Although these sites have age requirements to join, it is very easy to fake one's true age in order to sign up. Inform your child of the dangers of sharing your information on social networking sites and request he/she shares his/her login name and password, so that you may monitor his/her activities on that site.


Step 8:

Resist the temptation of posting your child's picture on the internet. Your child is much better off not having his/her face all over the internet for everyone to see. If you insist on having your child's picture on your profile, make sure you mark it as "private". That way, the only people who will be able to access it will be the people who have your permission.