How to Get Along with your Teen | CXC Lessons – 1868-308-4028

How to Get Along with your Teen | CXC Lessons – 1868-308-4028

Step 1: Respect your teenager's independence.

Trying to control and interfere with your teenager's every move can keep him/her back from preparing for an independent life. When parenting a teenager, take interest in what he/she does and what interests him/her. At the same time, allow your teenager the opportunity to make decisions on his/her own while still providing guidance when necessary.


Step 2: Respect your teenager's privacy.

Be aware that your teenager's need for privacy is an important development step for them. Time spent alone will help your teenager relax and think about his/her plans and goals. It will also teach him/her to become comfortable with his/her own company, and respect the privacy of others. There will still be times when your teenager will want your love and support, so be sure that you are still there for him/her.


Step 3: Understand your teenager's attitude.

Although your teenager will at times throw harsh words at you, try to understand where his/her anger is stemming from. More often than not, your teenager might be upset or frustrated with him/herself and will aim that anger at those around him/her. Try to respond to such behaviour with love and understanding.


Step 4: Show your teenager respect.

Showing respect towards your teenager teaches them to respect you in return. It shows him/her that your relationship with him/her is important to you.


Step 5: Respect your teenager's individuality.

Your teenager's personal choices reflect his/her opinions of him/herself and his/her self-esteem. Criticizing those choices will bring tension to your relationship with your teenager. Acknowledge your teenager's choices as those of an individual but still set limits where necessary. As a respectful parent, be willing to discuss and change those limits based on reasoning with your teenager. Learning to negotiate will build a good foundation for your teenager's relationships with others.