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Wavefronts – a wavefront may be defined as an imaginary line joining all the set of particles which are vibrating in the phase, in a wave motion (i.e. a line joining all the identical points on the wave).

It is a line joining all the crests or troughs.

Wavefronts can easily be demonstrated by using a ripple tank.


Wavefronts produced by a circular dipper

[insert PICTURE 4-10]

Note: The distance between two successive wavefronts is equal to one wavelength.

The arrows indicate the direction of propagation (movement) of the wave.

This direction is always perpendicular to the wavefronts.

When we draw a wavefront, we draw the shape of the wave as seen from above.

The shape of the wave seen from the side would be a wave profile.


Wavefronts produced by a straight vibrator:

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