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1-on-1 SEA + CXC Classes

“Better Grades within Three(3) Months or we’ll Tutor your child Free.”

How it works

Each student enjoys her own Personal Learning Plan individually tailored to her personal strengths and individual needs. This ensures each student gets personalized help in exactly the right topics.

All-inclusive Membership


Six(6) 1-hour classes / lessons EACH week
​at our ​Learning Center​
​24/7 Video classes & exercises online


Our members enjoy 1-on-1 lessons up to 6-times per week. SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons last 1 hour, Monday to Saturday.
Our fun exam-prep games and SEA + CXC past paper drills provide an enjoyable learning experience that students love.




All-inclusive Membership:
All subjects included (see below)
​6 classes/week at Learning Center
24/7​ online Video Lessons + Exercises

We welcome WhatsApp messages + calls

WhatsApp calls/messages welcome

Getting started

We believe education should be personal. When your child arrives she will be greeted by her caring enthusiastic personal tutors. Our dedicated staff will engage her with fun personalised coaching. Prepare to witness a level of motivation that fuels fantastic success.

Personal Tutor

Patient personal tutors will work closely with your child. True individual attention nurtures exam readiness. A personal learning plan is carefully maintained, and progress is continuously monitored. Highly effective 1-on-1 SEA and CXC classes quickly sharpen examination skills and addresses personal weaknesses.

Fun SEA & CXC Classes

Our members enjoy fun effective 1-on-1 SEA & CXC Classes. Imagine your child sitting face-to-face with her personal tutor. True individual attention and caring personal coaching results in fast success. Our members progress quickly and build invaluable confidence.

Fun Fast Learning

Prepare to experience a new fun fast way to learn! We believe kids learn best when they enjoy learning. Our effective Math, English and Science games bring a new level of excitement into lessons. Prepare to enjoy fun active learning and engaging SEA classes + CXC classes.

Culture of Excellence at SEA + CXC Classes in Trinidad. SEA + CXC Lessons

Culture of Excellence

Quality, speed and effectiveness is our trademark. Our learning centers are lively, efficient and well known for a culture of excellence. Our tutors are experts at motivating students to excel. Our members are made to feel confident; and look forward to their personal SEA & CXC classes.

Rewards System

Our members learn early on that hard work pays off. Our unique reward system motivates students to complete homework, study hard and produce fantastic grades. Our members work their way up our Achievement Board for prizes. Weekly friendly competitions keep our students keen to revise for each SEA class & CXC class.

Engaged Students at SEA + CXC Classes in Trinidad. SEA + CXC Lessons
Successful Students at SEA + CXC Classes in Trinidad. SEA + CXC Lessons

Progress Reports

During our SEA classes & CXC classes each child completes personalized exam-prep activities. Performance is carefully monitored, and each student’s Personal Learning Plan is adjusted accordingly. Feel free to contact us to discuss your child’s progress at any time.

All-inclusive Membership


Six(6) 1-hour classes / lessons EACH week
​at our ​Learning Center​
​24/7 Video classes  & exercises online

Only TTD$699/month

All-Inclusive Membership (all subjects included)

6 classes per week

(at our Learning Center)​​​​​


24/7 SEA & CXC Classes Online

(video classes + exercises for SEA & CXC)​​​​

Membership includes the following EACH WEEK:

1-on-1 Math class for SEA or CXC
1-on-1 English class​ for SEA or CXC
(includes Language Arts, Creative Writing for Std. 1-5)​
Exam-skills class
(includes Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocab for Std. 1-5)​
Math & English games for SEA or CXC
CXC Past paper or SEA Practice Test classes / lessons
Homework-help class
Video Lessons + Exercises 24/7 online for SEA or CXC

SEA Classes + CXC Classes 

in Trinidad

CXC Classes in Trinidad:

CXC Math Classes / Lessons in Trinidad
CXC English-A Classes / Lessons in Trinidad
FREE CXC Past-paper drills classes / lessons in Trinidad

Standard 1-5 (SEA) Classes / Lessons in Trinidad:

SEA Math Classes / Lessons in Trinidad
SEA Language Arts Classes / Lessons in Trinidad
SEA Creative Writing Classes / Lessons​ in Trinidad
Reading Classes / Lessons in Trinidad
Dictation Classes / Lessons​ in Trinidad
Writing/Spelling Classes / Lessons in Trinidad
Vocabulary Classes / Lessons in Trinidad

6 classes / lessons per week

1-on-1 Math class / lesson
1-on-1 English class / lesson​
(includes Language Arts, Creative Writing for Std. 1-5)​
Exam-skills class / lesson
(includes Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocab for Std. 1-5)​
Math & English games class /lesson
Past paper/SEA Practice Test class / lesson
Homework-help class / lesson

Class Times

1-on-1 classes / lessons

(1 class = 1 hour. 6 classes / lessons per week)

Standard 1-5 (SEA)

1-on-1 Math Class /Lesson:
Wed 4-5pm OR 5-6pm
Sat 9-10am OR 1-2pm

1-on-1 English Class / Lesson:
Thu 4-5pm OR 5-6pm
Sat 10-11am OR 2-3pm

Form 1-5 (CXC CSEC)

1-on-1 Math Class / Lesson:
Wed 4-5pm OR 5-6pm
1-on-1 English-A Class /Lesson:
Thu 4-5pm OR 5-6pm

Active learning classes /lessons​

(Exam-prep class / lesson, exam-drill games, past paper classes / lessons, homework classes / lessons, Math & English games)

All subjects

(Mon , Wed, Thu) 3-4pm
Sat 11am-12pm OR 3-4pm

Student Testimonials & Customer Reviews

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Enjoy comfort, convenience and security. Air conditioned city-center location in Arima, Trinidad. Feel safe with our tight security: CCTV, biometric fingerprint + keypad entry, steel double-entry system.

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About us
​SEA + CXC Lessons in Trinidad

Year after year parents thank us for the speedy results that we have become known for.

PTI® is a student-centered tutoring centre in the heart of Arima. PTI® offers personal tutoring for students from primary school Standard (I) to CAPE/A’levels.

PTI® offers a unique learning experience. Picture your child sitting directly in front of his/her PTI® Personal Tutor. Imagine your child having 24/7 access to tutorial notes, worksheets, past-papers, Video & Audio Learning Resources, and more via our website.

Stop, and think about the benefits of your child having a 24/7 Student Support Line. Now, see your child being personally coached to conquer each and every exam. What you are picturing right now is but a portion of thePTI® Personal Tutoring Experience.

In small tutorial groups, students and tutors work eye to eye as tutors deepen their understanding of their student’s personal needs. Students benefit from acutely fine-tuned Personal Lesson Plans, that specifically suit their individual academic needs .

PTI® students enjoy engaging tutorial sessions. These sessions feature fun academic games. PTI®students quickly become self-motivated academic achievers.

We have been taking individual students by the hand, and leading them to personal academic success since 1998. Our uniquely personal teaching method sets us apart.